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Give customers more incentive to buy, learn, share and save via text to phone

This is an example of a mystery coupon.

SMS (texting) Marketing

SMS Marketing Creates Repeat Business! SMS text message marketing is also a great way to retain your customers at a very low cost. Itʼs the perfect recipe for customer retention because you can reach out to them easily.
Targeting text messages to those that have already spent money with you is easily accomplished with text message marketing. Just look at the prevalence of text messages in today’s mobile-driven society:

Unlike more traditional marketing methods, SMS marketing takes just a few minutes, and the process can be 100 percent automated. By planning ahead and utilizing our talented marketing firm, customers opting into your campaign using short code (ex: text 123 to receive . . .) can receive instant replies in order to maximize engagement.

Create text messages that your customers can recieve, send mobile coupons, conduct a poll, text to win, QR codes, Scavenger Hunt, web forms, Kiosk Builder, email integration, loyalty program and more.

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