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Identify Yourself

When shopping for a logo designer in Bethlehem PA, be aware that your logo is the number one visual identifying mark of your business. Marketing without a logo is like driving a sail boat with no sails or flag. You need to identify your ship to catch the wind. It is the cornerstone for effective promotion of your business.Your logo ties your business to your cards, your website, and to all your printed media including packaging and shipping.

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A Reflection on You


Your logo needs to reflect positively on the character of your business and its professionalism. A poorly thought out logo with an unattractive design can have the opposite effect. This raises negative questions in the minds of potential customers in Bethlehem, PA 18107. This can send them elsewhere for the goods and services they seek. Plainly put, if your logo designer creates a bad logo, which may have appeared to be quite a bargain, it will cost you serious money in lost business. A well-designed logo will repay your investment many times over.

Already Have a Logo?


If you already have a logo you like you should ask yourself these questions: Did your localĀ  logo designer intend it only for use on a website? Does it translate well across media to a card or even a billboard? Most bargain logos are created to be used in only one application with no consideration as to how they will look when attempting to adapt them to other media forms. For example, a bitmap logo will only work well in its original size and will look fuzzy when blown up to poster, banner, or billboard. Shrinking a larger but carelessly designed logo to a business card can result in an illegible and expensive disaster.


Further Considerations

An additional question is does your logo have a full color (4 color) design? If you decide to use it in offset printing and want to reduce your production cost by using two colors, do you have the original artwork from your logo designer for that? Without it you are stuck because you cannot simply remove half the colors. If you desaturate a full-color artwork to gray-scale you lose all color and the results are usually quite visually unappealing and commercially unacceptable.

Current Logo Rescue

Hunter Graphics serves Bethlehem, PA’s logo needs, and may be able to save that logo you like by redrawing it so it will work in different media. Here is how: I create logo artwork the proper way using a vector graphic application like Adobe Illustrator, so it is completely scalable to any size you desire. This includes business cards to billboards, and the colors can be adjusted as needed. There is no need for me or another logo designer to create a new design for each application. When creating a logo Identity Package, I include color call and font call-outs in that package. This includes to how and where the logo will be used. For example, you may need one color arrangement of your logo for packaging and another for print marketing and another for invoicing. The fonts, color call-outs, and end usage will be included with the Identity Package and worked out in consultation with you beforehand.

Get What You Pay For

While you may be tempted to avoid the cost of hiring a logo designer servicing Bethlehem by purchasing logo designer software or even using logo designer freeware, you will never achieve the same results as an experienced professional. Quick logo designers and logo generators do not create images that function well or are adaptable to various applications. Free online logo design applications are toys, not resources for professionals.

While you may see ads for cheap logos in Bethlehem, PA, probably made by a poorly paid overseas logo designer, be aware that you truly get what you pay for, and that bargain logo will cost you far more in lost customers than you saved. Clients are attracted to Hunter Graphics because they are serious business owners who realize the value or representing themselves and their companies to the public in ways that are positive and memorable. They know a custom logo for your business is worth every penny you pay for it because it pays you back again and again.
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