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johndoeone logo What a crock. I sign up a domain from Godaddy and get spammed an offer for a $30 logo at a discount for 1 day only (it is really everyday). Wow, what a deal! So I go to the company website and look at their portfolio. They have a beautiful image of a business card with a logo on it for John Doe. I saw another logo that looked cool, so I looked up the name of the company and it doesn’t exist. Imagine that. I looked at no less than 25 images and checked them all out. One of the 25 was an actual business, a dental office using that logo image from the portfolio. Granted some of these may be businesses that have gone out of business, but, I assure you I have seen so many websites for cheap logos or logos from a designer in India, Pakistan, etc. who has an extensive portfolio and in almost every case, they are not real client logos. What those logos are is glorified clip art.

There is a HUGE difference between an actual client and a fake one. Some clients are clueless and it is the designers job to work with them, take the essence of what they want and make it beautiful. It is really EASY to make a great logo for a non existent client because it’s all fantasy. And that same $30 logo will probably be a bitmap file meaning the size they give you is the size it will stay forever unless you use someone like me to redraw it in program that will allow it to be scaled in size.

In essence, you get what you pay for. Please be professional and use professional services and beware of the cheap logo.
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