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Turtle Running Company -Hunter Graphics logo designer[wptab name=”Identify Yourself”]Choosing the right logo designer is important. Your logo is the focal point and primary visual identifying mark of your business.  A logo is the cornerstone for marketing your business and it links your marketing materials to your website and social media as well as invoices and contracts.[/wptab][wptab name=”A Reflection on You”]Your logo should leave a positive impression of your business and your professionalism. If your logo design is not well thought out or difficult to read, potential customers may be dissuaded from calling your business. Even poor color choices can send them to your competitors. A bad logo, even though it seemed to be a bargain, can cost a fortune in lost business. On the other hand, a well conceived logo will pay for itself many times over.

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Did your logo designer create it only to be used on a website? Does it work in other media forms like a business card or even a billboard in the Baltimore, MD area? Most inexpensive logos are made for only one type of use without considering how they will appear in other media applications. For example, a bitmap logos will work adequately in the original dimensions but become fuzzy when enlarged for a poster, banner, or billboard. Also, shrinking a bigger but poorly drawn logo to a business card size can be an Illegible disaster.

[/wptab] [wptab name=”More Considerations”]Is your current logo a full color (4 color) design? If you want to print it and reduce your expense by reducing to two colors, did your logo designer give you the original artwork? If not, you are out of luck. You can’t just remove half the colors. Reducing full color artwork to gray-scale results are quite poor and commercially unusable.[/wptab] [wptab name=”Logo Rescue”]Hunter Graphics may be able to redraw your logo so it can be used in various media. I use vector graphic applications to create a logo, so it will scale from business cards to billboards. The colors are completely adjustable. This eliminates the need to create a new design for each type of application. My Logo Identity Package includes color call-outs. I consider all the logo’s potential uses: one color arrangement for packaging, another for print, and another for invoicing. The fonts and color call-outs that are included with the Identity Package are worked out with you in advance. Call for an estimate on your logo now at: 570-620–0822[/wptab] [wptab name=”Get Value”]
Purchasing logo designer software or even using logo designer freeware, you will never achieve the same results as an experienced professional logo designer in Baltimore, MD. Quick logo designers and logo generators do not create quality logos that adapt well to multiple applications. Free online logo designers are toys, not professional resources.
You will see ads promoting cheap logos in Baltimore, MD but they are mostly produced in overseas boiler rooms by inexperienced and poorly paid workers. With logo design, you truly get what you pay for. A cheap logo can cost you much more in lost business than you saved. Businesses call me because they realize the value of representing themselves to the public in positive and memorable ways. A well-designed logo is worth every cent because it lasts and pays you back.
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