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Before photo editing

Custom vs Canned: Is it more important to you to have an image (photo editing) the best represents what you are trying to convey or do you want to use an image that misses the mark? Custom images created by Hunter Graphics targets your demographics and compels your demographic target audience to use your goods and services.

A Reflection on You: Your image should leave a positive impression of your business and your professionalism. If your image design is not well thought out or difficult to read, potential customers may be dissuaded from calling your business. Even poor color choices can send them to your competitors. A bad image, even though it

seemed to be a bargain, can cost a fortune in lost business. On the other hand, a thought image will pay for itself many times over.

More Considerations: Is your current image high resolution so that you can use it in both digital and print? If not then you are missing the value of working with a professional who would understand and convey the value of cross-media marketing and what it can do for you.Try Hunter Graphics, photo editing and designer for

After photo editing

After photo editing

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