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Label Design and Package Design have been specialties of Hunter Graphics for over 20 years. We have extensive experience successfully creating impressive designs for regional, national and international industries.

Label Design: Application

The application is unique to each product. For example, candle labels require foil backing to prohibit oils in the wax from leeching through the plastic wrap and spoiling the label. Beer or other bottled beverages also require special types of paper and glue so they will adhere properly. Some options available today are printing effects such as crackle, glow in the dark, matte/gloss finish. Additional effects are holographic, interference, metallic, pearlescent, sparkle and more.  For packages such as beer cans, perhaps color tabs or laser etched tabs would enhance your brand identity. There are many options to improve your product. These enhancements are usually utilized on large print runs rather than smaller ones.

Hunter Graphics has provided label and package design for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, pet food, chemical industries and more. Utilizing leading printing companies, we make certain that we get the best materials and production for each project design within your budget.

Your brand is important to us and we take the extra steps to ensure that your branding is consistent from one product package or label to the next. Hunter Graphics works to incorporate aspects of a company’s current graphics or logo into the new design so as to maintain uniformity across the product line and make your products instantly recognizable.

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