Hunter Graphics Mailing List

Hunter Graphics Mailing List

Mailing List Setup and Management

Hunter Graphics offers our customers mailing list setup. We set up the account for you, build your mailing template, show you how to use it and start your list for you. And if you’re interested in a website, you can have mailing list integration built right into them.

We utilize MailChimp which offers a mailing list with up to 2000 subscribers for FREE! This is a great way for a small business to get off the ground with mailing list marketing. The email signup form can be integrated right into your website so that you can direct potential customers and existing customers to sign up for your mailing list. This way they can stay up on your current goods or services and receive discounts, coupons, etc.
It is not mandatory that you have our website to use MailChimp, but ours integrates easily.

These mailing lists allow you to keep track of your customer base and allows you to see if, when and how many times the customer opened the email. The customer has control of their entry in the list. They can modify their information on the list, email, name, etc. or unsubscribe if needed. This helps keep your list up-to-date with active customers.

Starting at $250 we can get you set up and running with your own list and integration into your website.

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We will show you how to use the easy to use interface and get you started with your mailing list, create a template and test the template for desktop and mobile applications.