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Label Design Stroudsburg PA

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Label Design, Package Design, Product Branding

Label Design Stroudsburg and Package Design have been specialties of Hunter Graphics for over 20 years. We have years of experience, successfully creating impressive designs for regional, national and international industries.

Label Design Stroudsburg: Application

The application is unique to each project and product. Here are some examples, candle labels require foil backing that prohibit oils in the wax from leeching through the plastic wrap and spoiling the label. Beer or other bottled beverages also require special types of a substrate such as plastic or paper and adhesives to adhere properly. Shrink wrapping is an option for canning and screen printing for glass bottles.

We have provided label and package design for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, pet food, chemical industries and more. Working with the leading printing companies we make sure to get the best materials for each project design.

Hunter Graphics takes the extra steps to ensure that your branding is consistent from one product package or label to the next. We work to incorporate aspects of a company’s current graphics or logo into the new design so as to maintain uniformity across the product line and make your products instantly recognizable.

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Graphic Designer in Allentown PA Area

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[wptab name=”Looking for Graphic Designer”]When looking for a graphic designer in Allentown PA, understand that your graphic design is what shapes your business. Graphic design is the keystone for effectively promoting your business and it integrates your business marketing; your website and all of your printed media including packaging and shipping into a cohesive visual tool.[/wptab][wptab name=”Bargain Graphics”]

Your graphic design needs to reflect positively on the character of your business and its professionalism. Unattractive design can have a negative effect, raising  questions in the minds of potential customers in Allentown, PA  and sending them elsewhere for the goods and services they seek. Plainly put, if your graphic designer creates poor graphics, which may have appeared to be quite a bargain, it will cost you  serious money in lost business. A well-designed marketing piece will repay your investment many times over.[/wptab]
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Hunter Graphics serves the Allentown, PA areas graphic design needs, and may be able to save that poorly created printed piece. Contact Hunter Graphics today for your graphic design needs and to help you integrate your marketing.


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